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55: Drinking from Apple’s Firehose of Announcements

June 10, 2022 Episode 55
In the News
55: Drinking from Apple’s Firehose of Announcements
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In the News blog post for June 10, 2022: 

  1. Worldwide Wow! Developers Conference
  2. M2 Hardware
  3. Bravura Ventura
  4. iOS Sweet 16
  5. iPadOS Even Sweeter 16
  6. Two More Things…
  7. Brett’s Dub-Dub Picks
  8. Jeff’s Dub-Dub Picks

Jason Snell: The pandemic forever changed WWDC–in the best way possible

David Sparks: A Few Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC Announcements

Jeff: Why lawyers will love iOS 16

Jeff: Why lawyers will love iPadOS 16

Federico Viticci: iOS and iPadOS 16: The MacStories Overview

Juli Clover: iOS 16 Lets You Easily Fix Duplicate Contacts

Zac Hall: iOS 16 introduces built-in duplicate detection for Photos

Juli Clover: iPadOS 16 Adds Handwriting Straightening Feature to Make Your Writing Neater

Benjamin Mayo: iOS 16 adds landscape Face ID unlock ability for select iPhone models

Dan Moren: WWDC 2022: Passkeys hit primetime

John Voorhees: Apple Provides a Sneak Peek at the Future of CarPlay

David Price: The most exciting WWDC announcement will need years to get right

Brett’s Dub-Dub Picks: 

  • CarPlay - this will take a while but I can’t wait!
  • Editing and Un-Sending Messages
  • Continuity camera with my iPhone

Jeff’s Dub-Dub Picks:

  • Powerful iPad features for power users, such as customizable toolbars, including features that take advantage of the M1 chip (Stage Manager, external displays)
  • Home app interface improvements and HomeKit improvements with Matter
  • iCloud Shared Photo Library
  • Maybe Lock Screen? Too early to tell.

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Worldwide Wow! Developers Conference
M2 Hardware
Bravura Ventura
iOS Sweet 16
iPadOS Even Sweeter 16
Two More Things…
Brett’s Dub-Dub Picks
Jeff’s Dub-Dub Picks