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5: The Apple Tornado of Announcements!

June 11, 2021 Brett Burney, Jeff Richardson
In the News
5: The Apple Tornado of Announcements!
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In the News blog post for June 11, 2021:

1. iPad Improvements: Bring ‘Em On!
2. iPhone Improvements: Better Late Than Never!
3. Grab Bag! (We Can’t Fit It All In!!!)

Brett’s Tip: It’s a two-fer based on recent announcements:
1) Notes: Instead of a blank canvas in the Notes app, you can tap the 3-dot ellipsis to select lines or grids for your background -
2) Messages: You can easily forward text messages to different recipients by tapping and holding on a message, then tap “More,” select the messages you want to forward, and tap the arrow pointing to the right - (at the bottom of the article)

Jeff’s App: Easily track all your Apple and Amazon packages (and more!) with the Deliveries app - free with an optionally $4.99 subscription.

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