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9: Apple’s Watching Out for Your Heartbeat!

July 09, 2021
In the News
9: Apple’s Watching Out for Your Heartbeat!
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1. GoodNotes, Bad Notes, Any Kind of Notes!
2. Playing Around in Your Car
3. [Don’t] Be Still My Apple Watch Heart!
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Using an iPad to draft an appellate oral argument (and the GoodNotes app)

Norton Shores (MI) woman credits Apple Watch for detecting heart condition

Taking an ECG with the ECG app on Apple Watch Series 4, Series 5, or Series 6

Jeff’s Presentation Tip: You can use Keynote in a PowerPoint world! Start your presentation in Keynote and use the better tools for managing pictures and objects (like the Instant Alpha tool!), and then you can export your Keynote slides to PowerPoint - usually only minor tweaks necessary. 

Brett’s Presentation Tip: Use your iPhone to remotely control your Keynote presentation on your Mac or iPad - it’s like a presentation remote on steroids! Both devices must be on the same network and you connect through the Keynote app.

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